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I've included some background information on the state of Arizona:

Arizona acquired statehood on the 14th of February 1912, becoming the 48th and the final state to gain admittance to the Union. A land of spectacularly warm summers and placid winters Arizona is famous for its desert climate. The lower regions of the state experience more heat, while the high country in the north enjoys a cooler climate. Mountain ranges and pine forests are an important characteristic of the northern highlands.

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Bordering New Mexico, Nevada, Utah, California and just grazing Colorado, the state of Arizona is one of the Four Corners. In Mexico, the States of Sonora and Baja California share an international border of 389 miles with Arizona. Population wise it is considered the biggest landlocked state of the U.S, boasting the Grand Canyon, numerous national forests, monuments and national parks. 

Federal Trust Land retains more than a quarter of Arizona’s land and is home to many Yuman tribes, Apache and Yaqui People, the Navajo Nation, the Tohono O’odham and the Hopi tribe.
One of the Four Corner States, Arizona is situated on the Southwestern part of the U.S. Prior to Nevada and following Mexico, Arizona is hailed as the sixth biggest state, covering an area just under 114,000 square miles. Around 15% of the total area is owned privately whereas the rest is covered by forests and park lands, Native American Reservations and state trust land.

Arizona is noted for its boundless desert terrain, which is dotted with cacti and other xerophyte plant species.  However, not many are aware of the lush pine covered higher regions, situated in the north central premises of the State in the Colorado Plateau. The desert Basin in the south and the Range region stand out in stark contrast against the splendor of the northern highlands.

The desolate desert track of Arizona has a wealth of topographical features, similar to other regions of the Southwest. A major portion of the State’s landscape is marked by mountains and plateaus. Despite the parched land, 27% of the total area is covered by forests, which is more or less equivalent to the percentages of France and Germany. Moreover, Arizona is famous for its Ponderosa pine trees, which stand in the greatest numbers in the state.

The State of Arizona is contained within the Range and Basin Region of North America, which was molded by antediluvian volcanic eruptions and subsequent cooling of the earth, followed by subsidence and natural shifts.

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Grand Canyon lies in Northern Arizona; it is sheer chasm, a gullet formed by the action of the Colorado River. Chiefly enclosed within the first national park of the United States, the Grand Canyon National Park, it is one of the Seven Wonders of the World.

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President Theodore Roosevelt, who frequented the Canyon to enjoy the panorama and occasionally hunt mountain lions, passionately advocated the cause of the Grand Canyon National Park.

The Canyon which is more than a mile in depth, 4-18 miles in width and about 277 miles in length was carved by the action of the Colorado River over myriad years. The uplifting of the Colorado Plateau caused by the ceaseless cutting through of the Colorado River and its offshoots, has revealed virtually 2 billion years of the world’s history, in the multifarious layers of sediments exposed.
Northern Arizona boasts a meteorite impact site, which is one of the most well preserved meteorite sites on earth. Located 25 miles west of Winslow, in the midst of the high upland of the Colorado Plateau, is the enormous depression of the Barringer Meteorite Crater. The perimeter of the crater is cluttered with huge boulders, some as big as houses, rising more than 150 feet beyond the level of the adjoining plain. The depression measures approximately 1 mile in width and 570 feet in depth.

Arizona and Hawaii are two states that do not conform to the Daylight Saving Time regime. However, Navajo Nation situated in the northeastern part of Arizona, is the sole region in Arizona that observes the Daylight Saving Time.

The state of Arizona experiences a wide disparity in climatic conditions due to its large expanse and stark difference in elevations. Towards the south, where the topography is marked by lower plains the climate is hot and dry in the summers and a bit cooler in the winters.

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Arizona has two rainy seasons in which the annual rainfall average amounts to 12.7 inches. During the winter the cold fronts come in from the Pacific Ocean while the monsoon brings in the summer showers. The above information is provided courtesy of AZ Real Estate Agents website.

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